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Oceans Initiative Poster featured on CymaScope Website

My Oceans Initiative Poster was featured on the CymaScope Website:

Here’s the text of the entry:

CymaScope Music Made Visible app inspired a multiple award-winning poster

Artist Meaghan Dee used the CymaScope Music Made Visible app to create a poster for Oceans Initiative, a team of scientists on a mission to protect marine life, including whales, dolphins, sharks, salmon and sea birds. Meaghan’s eye-catching design captures the beauty of humpback whale song made visible and incorporates the scientific principles that underpin the CymaScope instrument.

The poster received a Graphis Poster Annual 2017 Merit Award and a 2016 Graphic Design USA Award. It was also awarded First Prize in the 2016 International Design Awards (IDA) Print Competition.

Meaghan Dee commented, “The basis of my design was inspired by the CymaScope app, which makes music visible and has a useful screen capture feature. Robert Williams of Oceans Initiative recorded humpback whale song and I decided to play the song to the app to generate cymatic patterns for use in my design. The fundamental frequencies within the whale song triggered the app and I captured hundreds of potential images,selecting the most striking with which to compose the poster. I also subtly integrated the “ocean” typeface” within my design.”

The CymaScope team heartily congratulate Ms. Dee on her outstanding achievement.We are particularly delighted that the poster will be used to help raise funds for Ocean’s Initiative’s “Science for the Sea” project.