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Featured as one of GD USA’s Educators to Watch

I’m honored to be featured as one of Graphic Design USA’s Educators to Watch.

The magazine describes the feature as:

As a complement to our perennial and popular special reports – People To Watch (influential professional creatives) and Students To Watch (rising graduates of note) – we add an annual “Educators To Watch” feature to our mix. The reason: design education and educators have more influence than ever on the fast-changing shape of design, media and culture. This is certainly true of todays group, who run the gamut from legends like Richard Wilde, Mary Scott, Phil Hamlett and Ellen Lupton all the way to relative newcomers, from full-timers to adjuncts, from teachers to administrators, and from those who planned a teaching career and those who found it by serendipity. The common thread is that these are people who are making a difference to their students, schools and community. In a field this broad and deep, the selection process is clearly subjective and weighted to those we know, admire and respect. We humbly invite your help in identifying our next round of educators to honor.