Meaghan Dee

External Links

Abroad exhibition at XYZ

Come see the School of Visual Arts 2015 Study Abroad Exhibition on Friday, November 6th at the XYZ Gallery in Blacksburg. The opening runs from 5-7pm. We will have a collection of posters, photos, and renderings.

Typography Day Poster Submission

I repurposed and redesigned my Experimental Typography poster to submit for Typography Day’s Poster Design competition. I think I prefer this high-energy color palette (but I do seem to be using more bright colors lately in my designs).

Postcards and Glitches

It’d been a while since I’ve mailed out postcards for the “Postcard Project” – but I finally got around to making some new ones. A former student, Sammi Keck, had given me some print outs of glitches (because she knew I liked them), and I decided to slice sticker letters and then physically merge them onto the prints. Click to see more examples and scanner manipulations.

New VT School of Visual Arts website

I’m excited that the new Virginia Tech School of Visual Arts website is now live!

Took a bit more work than I was expecting, but had the help of Sammi Keck – and some beautiful background images provided by Dane Webster’s Processing Visualization. And thanks to Rick Craig for providing some gorgeous photos of campus, and to Dongsoo Choi for building a server and getting us online (and helping debug).

The Future of Video Games

BitBash and the VGA Gallery in Chicago had a call for Video Art posters under the theme of “The Future of Video Games.”

My submission is “The Rise and Fall of Pixels.”